alex + myke - destination wedding in bogotá

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Alex + Mike from memento photo studios on Vimeo.

Alex And Mike Destination wedding in Bogota

Today we are proud to present the wedding of Alex and Mike. This ceremony and reception took place at a venue near Bogota, Hacienda Pozo Chico, in December 2012, one of the most beautiful places to get married in Bogotá.

Alex and Mike first approached us via skype, from their home in New York City, and I must say, it was love at first sight, or at first chat, rather. They were planning their wedding in Bogota a couple of weeks after that first conversation and wanted to hire our services for their wedding.

So it was settled, they would fly to Colombia, we would meet and finalize all the details for their wedding video. Frankly we couldn’t wait to meet them, Alex shared their story and the reasons to get married in Colombia and how they met and it all sounded like it was going to be our next love story.

We met at their hotel in northern Bogota and headed to the airport to pick up mike’s parents. It was a great chance to meet their family and plan what would become their wedding film.

The trailer for their wedding film in Bogotá shows snippets from the rehearsal dinner offered by Mike’s parents the night before the wedding, and their tour of Bogotá, where we also had a chance to meet the best man, and maid of honor,  groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Thank you Alex and Mike for choosing Memento Photo Studios to be with you during your destination wedding in Bogota.